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Online Payroll Management System

Online application that we have developed which is developed using one of the most efficient and GNU based technology that is PHP and MySQL. This application is fully dynamic and can fit in any organization as per their business processes and organizational structure.
The Payroll System is online software for handling salaries of employees, wages, bonuses and deductions and for generating multiple monthly and annual reports. Our system is fully dynamic; implying that salary components, tax rates, loan approval and repayment, handling bonuses etc. can be modified and edited anytime as need arises. Some of the key features of the Payroll System are:

  • User Defined Allowences & Deductions.
  • Unlimited Allownces and Deduction Types
  • User Customiseable Pay Calculations.
  • All Reports run in Multiple Sequences.
  • All Reports can be generated for any time period.
  • Developed in PHP, MySQL hence very fast.
  • Client Server Enviroment.
  • Dynamic User Rights.
  • Printing of Reports.
  • Export all Outputs to word, Excel, Lotus, Web, HTML etc.
  • List of any Allowance/ Deduction Department wise.
  • List of any Allowance/ Deduction Employee wise.
  • Loan Recovery Statement.
  • Pay Slips.
  • Monthly Payroll.
  • Summary of Payroll Department/Individual wise.
  • Loan Balance List.
  • EOBI List.
  • EOBI List Month Wise.
  • Salary Certificates.
  • Attendence List.
  • Basic Pay List.
  • Gross Pay List.
  • Gratuity List

System Requirement :
Processor : 1.6 GH or above
Ram : 1 GB or more
Operating System: Microsoft Windows / Linux